Thursday, August 16, 2007

MSN - Blatant misrepresentation has this feature called 'Rate this Story'. Many sites have this nowadays, and I think it is a great feature to have, especially in this age of User Generated Content.

However, what is not acceptable is what happened to me today. I read a news article, at the end of which was the feature asking me to rate the story. And it added 'Be the first to rate this story'. So I gave my rating - a 2 on 5, as I was not too happy with the article. The page refreshed, and guess what was the star rating of the article? No, not 2, but 4! Sure, I understand that some one else might have rated at the same time. But it would take at least 2 more people to rate at the same time, and give the story a rating of 5 each (extremely unlikely considering the article!), for the average to be 4. But that's not all. Below the star rating, it proudly tells me that 'You are the first user to rate this page'.

Oh please, if my rating does not count for anything, then please tell me so directly, rather than wasting my time. But then, coming from Microsoft, I really should not be too surprised, I guess!