Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flamingoes Slaughtered in Navi Mumbai

I do not know how to react to the shocking news that flamingoes are being caught, killed and sold in Navi Mumbai for rates cheaper than a chicken! It is easy to point fingers at the police; but we all know the situation our police force is in. The force is understaffed, poorly paid, low motivation, and completely politically motivated. We have arrested the two hunters, but do they know why they have been arrested? Have we done enough to ensure that the common man knows that it is illegal to catch and slaughter wild life?

The urban, educated class can cry hoarse about this incident, but are we doing anything to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future? Yes, I know there are groups of highly motivated people who are working in this field. But unless we, the educated, urban elite step out of our AC cars, and get our hands dirty tackling the societal problems faced by the larger populace, we cannot expect things to change.

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